Some things I’ve done...

I’ve worked on variety of projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of. Although, some of them doesn't exist; others I'm working on them right now. Please, check out the code and contribute if you have ideas for how it can be improved.

  • CV Plast S.A.S.

    E-commerce project for agribusiness products. NextJS, React, Zustand. Developing.

  • ZZardin International S.A.S.

    E-commerce project developed with the MERN stack, with payment gateway, user login, order display. Developed with NextJS, Redux, Not active.

  • Arroz Paisa Rexton

    Digital Menu Project for restaurant. Responsive for mobiles. +2000 active users, HTML, CSS3 and JS

  • EventApp

    Event creation project elaborated with the MERN stack, user login, choice of templates and administration dashboard. UI design of the application. Award-winning educational project. Figma and Adobe XD.

    Mockup developed with Adobe XD

  • IP Address & Domain Tracker

    Project to consume the API's, displaying the information entered in a map provided by the LeafletJs API. IP Addresses and Domains Query App

  • Pai

    HTML5 and CSS3 Layout exercise. Responsive design